How It Works


Register with ClearDebt to open your individual ClearDebt Account and redirect your Wages, Benefits or Working for Families Tax Credits to your ClearDebt Account.  Together with your dedicated Money Manager, we then set up your agreed budget.

You can nominate a fixed list of bill payments to be paid in line with your income redirection: weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  You can also choose whether you want the whole of your net income after your bills have been paid to be transferred to your nominated bank account or whether you want to start saving within your ClearDebt Account.  You can choose whether to save a fixed amount each pay or if you prefer a fixed living allowance then any surplus can be saved.

If you are unsure how much needs to be paid to each of your bills perhaps because your usage fluctuates or you are in arrears, then let ClearDebt calculate and adjust your payments for you.  If necessary, we can contact your creditors for you and even organise for your future bills to be sent to us to enable your Money Manager to adjust your payments based on your ongoing usage.  This ensures that you benefit from any prompt payment discounts and prevents late payment penalties.  T&Cs apply so email us today for more information.