Live the life you want free from money worries with professional ClearDebt Total Money Management, Structure & Support

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Are you regularly dishonouring your APs and DDs, missing out on prompt payment discounts and incurring late payment fees? Then Total Money Management is for you!




 Find it difficult to save or get ahead? Stop living week to week and start saving to meet unexpected bills, smooth out fluctuations in income and start achieving your financial goals whether it’s celebrating a special birthday, taking that dream holiday or even saving a deposit for your first home.



ClearDebt understands some bills can only be paid by Direct Debit.
ClearDebt Accounts offer Direct Debit functionality for approved payees. Your dedicated Money Manager can authorise Direct Debits on your behalf. T&Cs apply so email us today for more information.


Why should you choose ClearDebt?

Trusted by Kiwis since 2002, ClearDebt Total Money Management is an online professional budgeting system.  We help our clients gain control of their finances, achieve their financial goals and manage personal debt.